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Tour Day Update: No One's Murdered Each Other Yet!

Mar 12 | Posted by: P.H. Ladyfingers | Tags: tour 2014

When we last left our intrepid protagonists, we had just arrived in Lexington to play at Al's Bar.

Little Pieces (formerly All the Little Pieces) were pretty amazing. Their bassist was out for open heart surgery (so keep him in your thoughts|prayers|whatever it is you do), but the rest of the band killed it. This was made more impressive by the fact that their vocalist was 13! This also unfortunately meant she couldn't stick around for the other bands as she had a bedtime.

Little Pieces

Analog Apostles were also pretty great and all-around good guys to hang out with. We're looking forward to playing with them in Nashville in a few months!

Analog Apostles

Yesterday we went to Canton, Ohio to play at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop. Our first impression of Canton was driving through a bit of a downtrodden industrial wasteland. (GPS! /me shakes fist in rage) We passed a teenager sitting on a skateboard in a parking lot just staring at nothing. Steve assumed he was thinking, "f***! I still live in Canton!"

Things picked up when we got to Buzzbin though. The venue itself was an awesome little bar in an artsy part of town filled with parks and sculptures.

We played our set and then were followed by The Living. The Living had, unfortunately, all blown out their voices within the last two days and were unable to sing most of the night. Instead they did some pretty stellar instrumentals and brought their buddy Ron up to sing War Pigs.

The Living

Ron! Ron was an amazing guy to have in the audience. He was incredibly enthusastic and probably more energetic than the band for most of our set!

Later he was outside smoking with Katey and had this exchange:

Ron: I'm a cart pusher. I spend all day pushing carts around a parking lot and singing to pass the time. Today, I was belting out some Metallica at the top of my lungs when this old lady comes by and says "excuse you!"

Katey: Well f*** that b****, right?

Ron: I guess she just doesn't like Metallica.

Anyway. Thank you Lexington and Canton for a couple great days! The tour continues with Pittsburgh next!

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