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New Jersey: It's Everything You've Ever Dreamed!

Mar 14 | Posted by: P.H. Ladyfingers | Tags: tour 2014

The tour continues!

On wednesday, we had a blast playing Howler's Coyote Cafe in Pittsburgh. The other bands joining us that night were The Dumplings and Brazillian Wax.

The Dumplings played sloppy, grungy garage punk and were probably my favorite band that we've played with so far! Their songs were were simple and catchy. So much so, in fact, that we managed to knock out a quick cover of their last song as our sound check, and it's been stuck in my head for two days! The chorus went "Do you want to see a photograph of a man?" At first I thought this was in a "Do you like movies about gladiators?" sense, but it turns out they were singing about Nickelback. The Dumplings

Brazillian Wax closed the night out playing aggressive, screeching punk. How their vocalist avoids blowing out her voice singing like that, I have no clue; but it was great! More power to her! Brazillian Wax

We also met our new best friend that night. Howlers is divided into two sides: one has the bar; the other has the stage. Sitting at the end of the bar so that you had to squeeze past him to get into the back was our friend. I think his name was Mark. We started chatting with him, as we usually do, to tell him about the band and encourage him to come back and hear us.

He perked right up upon hearing we're from Nashville, but immediately became surly when he learned that we don't play country. He became angrier upon learning that Michelle has a wife. (Because 'murica!) Sorry Mark. We did our best.

Last night, we played in Jersey City at the Lamp Post Bar and Grille. My impression of the city is that its outskirts are all industrial wasteland, but the city proper is like New York with better plumbing. So... basically the best place ever! Jersey: come for the turnpike; stay because you can't afford the tolls to leave!

My brother, Dave Smith in NYC, as well as Michelle's aunt and uncle came out to the show, and we had a great time! Well... that is besides Katey who used the house kit with its semi-functional snare stand. It collapsed entirely several times throughout the set, resulting in a scrambling of musicians trying to get it set back up again. Adventure!

Lawless Few opened up the show with some really solid pop-punk. They have mastered the pop-punk "woah," let me tell you! Lawless Few

Easy Company closed us out. The venue paid us in drinks, so uh... I don't remember much of their set. They seemed pretty good, but based on their glowing eyes from my photos of them, I suspect they're posessed by some kind of rock'n'roll demons?  Easy Company

Tonight, we're off to Philidelphia for a show at Connie's Ric Rac, where we'll get to meet our good friends from Gashouse Radio!

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