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Tour's Over, Great Job Everyone!

Mar 16 | Posted by: P.H. Ladyfingers | Tags: tour 2014

Well, we're home safely (if exhausted and smelly) from the tour. It was a wonderful time! Thanks to all the bands that played with us, the venues that hosted us, and most of all the fans - old and new - who came out to support us!

Two nights ago, we played Connie's Ric Rac in Philadelphia. The show was organized by Gashouse Radio, a great Internet radio station in the area who have been super-supportive of us.

The lineup for that night was Will Hanza, who played some solid acoustic singer-songwriter tunes. (He actually reminded me a lot of Josh Keas, a Nashville native we sometimes hang out with. Will Hanza

Next up was Chestnut Pills who kicked things up with a rock set. Chestnut Pills

Then Lovers League kicked things back down a notch with another acoustic set. They were lovely though. They did a great cross-genre cover of Danzig's "Mother." Lovers League

After we played, Wooden Hez closed out the night with another rock set. We were all very impressed with how happy their drummer seemed the entire time! :D Wooden Hez

We have a little story! We caught some winter weather up north, and our car has been coated in road salt for the entire latter half of the tour. While we were loading up, some drunk guy on the sidewalk decided to write what we can only presume is "wash me" in the salt.  Vandalism! Katey saw him and asked, "what are you doing to our car?" He turned to her, guffawed drunkenly, and then fell over. I must say, his drawing looked pretty even if it was completely incoherent.

Last night, we closed out the tour with a benefit show at Clancy's Irish Pub in Keyser, WV. We had a large and enthusiastic crowd, but sadly we had to leave right after our set to begin the 10 hour drive home so we could all go back to our day jobs. *sadface emoticon*

This tour has been wonderful, and we look forward to visiting your fair cities again!

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