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Quote Round Up

May 1 | Posted by: P.H. Ladyfingers | Tags: tour 2014

So I meant to do this weeks ago, but I'm forgetful and lazy. Here's a round up of the best quotations from our tour in March! Because it turns out we are quite clever and witty.

Katey: He doesn't look like Gustavo. Gustavo is attractive.
PH: He's like if you took the ugly bits of Gustavo and Neil Pert
Katey: And then smashed him in the face with a two by four!

Michelle: You ready for snow tomorrow?
Katey: I'm ready for bed. I don't care if it snows in my face.
PH: Why is it snowing in my face?!

Steve: When we get to the destination, the GPS is gonna be like, "oh, you wanted Pittsburg? I thought you meant the middle of nowhere."

Steve: I don't get dehydrated. I get even.

Katey: The baby will be given immersion therapy to learn not to mess with cats.
PH: He'll be dipped in a pile of cats.
Katey: Why do we have a vat full of cats?
PH: I dunno. "Cat vat" just sounded good.

PH: That horse statue is so derpy.
Michelle: Derby? What are you talking about?
PH: No. "DERPy."
Steve: The Kentucy Derpy is my favorite time of year!

Michelle: Did anyone find a ring in the bathroom?
PH: I didn't, and I was sorely disappointed.
Katey: You were hoping to get married in there!

Steve: I'm protective of you guys.
Michelle: What are you going to do? Do you have secret ninja skills?
Steve: I'm a big, strong man!
Michelle: You're secretly a vampire?

There you go. That's all the funny things we said that week. You'll have to come see us next time we tour if you want more comedy.

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