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Nov 24 | Posted by: P.H. Ladyfingers | Tags: Show Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to rock with us this weekend on our mini tour of the Carolinas! We had a ton of fun and made a lot of great new friends!

Show/story recap!

On Thursday, we went out to Ashville and played at the Slam Dunk House, really cool house that falls somewhere between punk squat and party house!
There we encountered some of the, shall we say local personalities! A few songs into our set, this happened:

That sound you hear is a little old hippy lady who came to the show. She danced with a scarf throughout the night whether the music was loud punk, rock cello, or blues rock. She isn't mic'd either. She's just able to sing that loud!
We also met a fellow, whom I have dubbed "the ADDJ". After a few bands, he showed up and took over the between bands music. And by "took over" I mean, he stood next to the PA system with his phone plugged into it by an 18" cable, playing the first minute of a song and then switching abruptly to a new song.
He also wasn't good at taking hints:
PH: Excuse me, I need to get to the board to set our sound up.
ADDJ: *Continues to stand in front of the PA*
PH: You're kind of in the way, and I need to get our microphones working.
ADDJ: Yeah, but this song is good, right?
PH: Sure, but can you seriously just get out of the way so we can set up for our band?
ADDJ: I'm running the music.
PH: That's great, can you put the stupid phone down and step back then?
ADDJ: I'm not just leaving my phone here.

Good times!

The next night, we played the legendary Milestone in Charlotte with Wolves and Wolves and Wolves and Wolves and Thinkerz. It was a great show. Afterwards, we were again accosted for money by someone on the street. What is it about bands loading up that makes people think we have money?!

Saturday, we closed out the tour playing the Radio Room in Phil's hometown of Greenville, SC with Signs of Iris and St. Maurice, both of whom were great! That night, a homeless-looking person instead GAVE us a gift! That is, he peed on our trailer. It was... awkward.

All-in-all, it was a great tour. We're looking forward to the next time we come to visit you Carolinas!

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